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One thing has driven us since we founded MobileNeXt: to simplify development processes in the automotive industry with innovative, customized solutions. We work with you to put together a catalog of requirements with all your requests and potential interfaces. Next, we present you with a custom concept that saves you time and money in the development process over the long term.

While developing your software solution, we offer you collaborative project management with transparency as to the status of your project and regular consultation meetings. We also harness the interdisciplinary know-how within the Formel D Group to optimize your solutions, including potentials for additional process steps within your value chain.

Welcome to MobileNeXt, a Formel D Group Company.

The Formel D Group is an association of companies from the automotive industry that provide services in a wide range of areas with the highest level of expertise. We work with cutting-edge technologies and the top engineers as a team to develop and shape automotive innovations. This allows the Formel D Group to cover all your demands and challenges, from product development to production all the way to aftersales. MobileNeXt focuses on tool and software development as well as an easy integration of the software into your existing systems.

Services of MobileNeXt

We combine services from the following categories based on your requirements.


By creating scripts, we connect different data sources, enabling you to view your analyses quickly, combined, and in one location. Instead of accessing multiple data sources or manually combining regular analyses, you save time and money thanks to optimized information availability.


Customized algorithms matching your specific requirement scenario with the goal of process automation. Our program based on machine learning algorithms for driving maneuver recognition, analysis, and simulation is just one example of how information can be shared easily, quickly, and automatically within your organization.


We create libraries customized for you to connect to databases and read files.

Languages and formats:
Python, Julia, CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript, C#, C++, VB.NET, VBA, Batch Files, DXL, HTML, jQuery, MVC, Entity Framework, Xamarin, SQL, XAML, SVG, FNT

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NeXt Generation

Our experts teach the next generation in the field of “Machine Learning” in an annual lecture at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Our experts teach the next generation in the field of "Machine Learning" in an annual lecture at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.”

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